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And So It Begins

The Wheel of the Year: Book 3 I've got scribbled notes, an intriguing quote for the opening page, lots of loose ends from the first two books, and can feel the ideas beckoning me into the wood (or in this case, the depths of a blank, digital page). It's time to get going. While I'm… Continue reading And So It Begins

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Coming Soon!

Finally, here it is in Real Life™ The text is in the hands of a trusted critic/reader, and with this printed-cover hurdle out of the way, now it's all about fine-tuning the story and catching goofs. I'm starting to update various websites with a December 01, 2014 release date, since sometimes it can take online… Continue reading Coming Soon!


Rules to Live By (or, Things My Mother Has Taught Me)

1. Life is not fair (Especially in Public School)  2. You've got to be fast (Told to me after a screen door slammed shut on my hand) 3. Always check the oven before you pre-heat (Because something might be in there already. For my mother, it was Tupperware. For a friend of mine, it was… Continue reading Rules to Live By (or, Things My Mother Has Taught Me)