The Darkest Midnight

Print: 9780989315722 Ebook: 9780989315739

‘Tis the season for revenge….

If asked, Thia McDaniel would say she has more than enough trouble.

One: She is the new owner of Eclectica, the most popular gift store in Granite Springs. If the advent of the winter holidays isn’t the busiest shopping time of the year, she doesn’t want to know what is.

Two: Not only is magic real, but thanks to the powers she unwittingly received from the Stone of Shadows, it is inside her—and until she learns control, she’ll be a danger to herself and anyone within range. (Which could be everyone.)

Three: She hasn’t heard from Cormac.

Four: No one has heard from Cassie, either.

Five: The Brigantium—despite being plagued with troubles of its own—continues to want her to join its secret ranks. But in the aftermath of betrayal from within, can the group be trusted?

And that’s before Eclectica’s cafe manager disappears under suspicious circumstances and everything gets so much worse.

Where to Buy


Since this is set up as a “Print on Demand” book, the chances of it being in a physical store are slim to none—but your local store should be able to order it for you, either through their usual supply system or (if they are an independent retailer) through IndieBound.


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SPOILER ALERT! For those who have read The Stone of Shadows or do not care about SPOILERS!!

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