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A Comment Made Elsewhere, But Here with Photo

Over at Chuck Wendig's super-active blog, he made a great (timely) post about how this constant checking of mobile phones that so many of us do is causing us to check out of our lives. I wrote in a comment that, perhaps, got a bit off track, or what have you. But it felt wonderful to write, and… Continue reading A Comment Made Elsewhere, But Here with Photo

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Why I Write

Chuck Wendig (author and author guru) posted another challenge at his website, Terrible Minds, and it sounded…well, not exactly like fun in the way of the previous one…but fun in an important, know thyself sort of way.  And so here it is: 1,000 words (exactly!) Why do I write?  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have some sort of writing implement… Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge: Why I Write


Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Phrase

Chuck Wendig, author and author guru, posted a challenge over at his website, Terrible Minds, and it sounded like fun.  1,000 words that must incorporate a randomly generated phrase. I've revealed mine on the challenge's page (in an attempt to lure people over), but for those of you who found this post by other means, I'll let you… Continue reading Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Phrase

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And So It Begins

I've got scribbled notes, an intriguing quote for the opening page, lots of loose ends from the first two books, and can feel the ideas beckoning me into the wood (or in this case, the depths of a blank, digital page). It's time to get going. While I'm at it, I'll try to post progress… Continue reading And So It Begins

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Many, Many Words…Because Internet.

Aargh. Okay. So, there is yet another flare-up on the internet—more specifically blogs and Twitter and probably Facebook and maybe Goodreads and Kindle Boards and even Snap-whatzit and Insta-whosey and that other site that people link to and it’s usually a thing linked from some other thing that takes you to some other thing. Anyway.… Continue reading Many, Many Words…Because Internet.