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This is Ridiculous. I’m Ridiculous.

I see that it has been...[checks open tab]...well over a year since I've posted. WTF. I'm sorry. If there's any sort of "audience" left from when I last published a book you're probably confused to receive a notification. "Who's that? What the hell is this from?" Sure, it took me many years to write the… Continue reading This is Ridiculous. I’m Ridiculous.

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UPDATE: Book Availability

Okay, so some things that I'd thought would make my book series better overall are indeed doing that (reformatting and revising and error-correcting the files of the two published books). Some things, though, are proving to be a bit problematic and/or uncontrollably slow (reconfiguring things with distributors, submitting files, updating vendors). Here is where things… Continue reading UPDATE: Book Availability


Progress Report: Summer Edition (UPDATED)

Life can get Complicated. (AND IT HAS DONE SO AGAIN)“Complicated” and “Write Book” don’t play well together. (BUT I KEEP AT IT)The guilt of not living up to one’s own expectations—and announced goals—is horrible and by no means helpful, especially when Complicated is being dealt with.Aside from taking many, many work hours to produce, a book that… Continue reading Progress Report: Summer Edition (UPDATED)

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Book Cover: In Progress (part 2)

I've updated the initial post for the cover artwork for The Vale of Silence, but since that was something created over at the previous incarnation of this blog, I thought I'd give the latest front-and-back version of the cover a brand new post. The printed versions always come out darker than expected, so I try to… Continue reading Book Cover: In Progress (part 2)