Update: First Day of Spring

The world has gone quite strange, hasn’t it? On the off chance that people are wondering where that third book that I keep promising is…it’s still a work in progress. And will remain so due to my having gotten caught up in re-formatting the two previous books (both print and ebook) in order to smooth the publication and distribution process overall.

I’ve completed the print and ebook files for The Stone of Shadows and am hopeful that The Darkest Midnight goes a bit more quickly now that I seem to have got the hang of the computer program.

My finances have taken quite a hit (as all of ours have, I’m sure) so I’m not able to immediately upload the revised/reformatted files…which means that the versions available online are not the updated ones. I had intended to update them as I went, but now I’m thinking that will need to wait at least a month, or maybe until The Vale of Silence is ready to go so that everything will happen at once. I’ll let you know!

Please stay safe. ❤️