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Still Working on It

I’m still working on it!

The “it” there could refer to so many things. My physical and mental well being; the house my 87-year-old mother and I bought and moved most-way across the country to live in after selling our beloved home in Oregon; the neglected .7+ acre that went along with it; adjusting to life in a city we had never been to before, in a region I had never been to before; dealing with whatever stressful chaos that comes along even in the midst of dealing with everything else; and and and and and. But what I really mean here in this post is that I am still working on The Vale of Silence, book three in the Wheel of the Year series.

It has been “in the works” for years now. I’m sorry for that…but also not sorry. Life happens. Life keeps happening, and has been in big, often frightening and always draining ways for the past several years. I’m getting through it, and I’m learning and growing, and maybe some day I’ll post or publish hope-to-be-helpful advice re: what has worked and not worked for me, individually, along the way because I know—I know—we’re all working on various “its” and trying to get through the chaos. It is what it is. It’s life.

But I am sorry that there are people who are waiting for the continuation of the story, and likely losing patience, and maybe even forgetting they had an interest in the first place. I’m sorry that in some small way I might be adding to the frustrations of your lives. It can’t be helped, and I am still working on it. I hope to have the book out in a few months, but I know better than to make that a promise (not only do I need to finalize the writing/editing, but I need to do all the publishing stuff like formatting, proofing, and so on, and then the distribution channels have to go through their processes).

Since the start of a new year—new decade—is fast approaching, I’ll post a link to something that has been very helpful. Maybe it will be helpful to you, too. The instructor has a new 30 day program set to begin January 1 and I intend to give it a try. (It’s free.) I’ve felt great results from many of her beginner-level and relaxation-oriented videos, and this promises to be along those same lines. I do them through her channel on YouTube, but here is her website: Yoga with Adriene.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Still Working on It”

  1. Hi there. Kind of a cute story how I was introduced to your writing. I found Book one, The Stone of Shadows, in Ashland, in one of those neighborhood free libraries on ‘A’ St. a month ago. It was even signed by you! I enjoyed it and bought book 2 on Amazon. Sooo, I am so waiting for book 3, obviously. Thank you for finishing it!


    1. That’s brilliant! Thank you so much! (And how fun that it was on ‘A’ Street. I used to sell signed copies out of Unicorn Gifts & Toys until they retired…and also had placed a copy myself in a little library on Granite when I lived nearby. I love to think how they take on lives of their own.)

      I’ve been terribly slow with the third book—years and years in the making. And every time I dare to make a forecast on the timing, things come up to get in the way…but it is progressing, and it will happen, I swear!


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