Ok, so it turns out that moving across the country in a rather truncated period of time due to reasons not of one’s liking (consistent, choking wildfire smoke in summer; increased summer temperatures; drought; unrelenting (or so it feels like) fire danger; to name a less personal few) is more stressful than I’d hoped. Or maybe it’s more stress on top of previous and/or still existent stress, and that’s why it is taking me longer to adjust, let alone get to a place—in my mind and in my daily schedule—where I can create the story that wants to be created, and where I can write the book that people would want to read.

Life chaos continues even now, months after the actual move, and is a mixture of old challenges and new…but I am making time to write (because, at long last, there is some time to be found) and am as determined as ever to finish The Vale of Silence and get it out there with the other two books.

Thank you, as ever, for your continued interest and patience.

2 thoughts on “Aaaaarrrgghhh…Continued.”

  1. I am thrilled you plan to finish the trilogy. I was gifted the first book and found the second on Amazon but have been searching periodically for the third. I can’t wait to see how you wrap it up. I live neat Ashland and enjoy all the nods to it in Granite Falls.


    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for letting me know. I really appreciate this.

      I absolutely intend to get the third book out this year. (I have a goal of summer, but even if the writing goes to plan, sometimes the publishing process gets glitchy and unexpectedly time consuming.)

      I’ve got ideas for a few more books with these characters after this one, but (*knock on wood*) the wait time shouldn’t be anywhere near as long as this!

      I hope the weather and smoke treats the Rogue Valley more kindly this summer than the past two. I was living there (for the second time in my life) but could not stay—hence the cross country move that’s been consuming a ton of energy. It’s such a beautiful, amazing area.


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