1. Life can get Complicated. (AND IT HAS DONE SO AGAIN)
  2. “Complicated” and “Write Book” don’t play well together. (BUT I KEEP AT IT)
  3. The guilt of not living up to one’s own expectations—and announced goals—is horrible and by no means helpful, especially when Complicated is being dealt with.
  4. Aside from taking many, many work hours to produce, a book that has any aspiration toward quality has some costs involved that, depending on circumstances, can be felt anywhere along the range from costly to downright expensive.
  5. It can be less than motivating during Complicated times to know that publication means immediate loss and only theoretical over-a-long-time break-even gain.
  6. I am trying. Maybe I’m not trying my best in terms of writing speed, but I am trying my best in terms of quality. (YEP. STILL AT IT.)
  7. I am trying to do better with both.
  8. The Vale of Silence will be available as soon as it can be made so.
  9. I am sorry for the wait…and I am hopeful it will not be much longer than another month or two (barring any more Complicated). (WITH THE ARRIVAL OF MORE “COMPLICATED,” THIS MIGHT BECOME DECEMBER OR MORE LIKELY JANUARY.)
  10. Thank you for your patience. (THANK YOU.)