Progress Report

Long time, no post—and no “coming soon” announcement…yet. Book 3 in The Wheel of the Year series is coming along, but won’t be available until later this spring (or possibly very early summer; even should everything go smoothly from here on out, there are some built-in delays in the publishing process itself).

So, this post is essentially a “I’m working on it, it’s coming” assurance. That now done, I will get back to work on Book 3: The Vale of Silence.

Oh—I will also mention that I put my Author Page into hibernation, if anyone was following me there and wondered where it/I went. There’s only so much social media one person can (should?) wrangle, and that one felt like an awkward mix of my private Facebook profile (since most of the page followers were already “Friends” on the other) and this blog.

Alright, back to work I go!