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Book Cover: In Progress (part 2)

I’ve updated the initial post for the cover artwork for The Vale of Silence, but since that was something created over at the previous incarnation of this blog, I thought I’d give the latest front-and-back version of the cover a brand new post.

The printed versions always come out darker than expected, so I try to make the front artwork something that would be eye-catching even if it were 10-20% “muddier” than it appears onscreen. (I would be shocked if it printed lighter, but there’s always a first time for everything, so I try to be prepared for that, too.)

The back image is pretty much a “throwaway.” Something interesting but not distracting when laid beneath a ton of text. If no one can tell exactly what it is, that’s fine. I might bring out some of the details after the text is in—but not at the expense of meeting the (early 2016) publishing date.

As always with these things, please let me know of any glaring errors or artistic things gone awry (ie. if the impression is of sand dunes instead of snow, as happened early on). Thanks in advance.