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Book Cover: In Progress

In the midst of working on the book itself (which I can’t share yet), I am also at work on the cover (which I can share, and so here it is):

This isn’t final, and could change drastically, but I’m happy so far. I may hate it tomorrow…or I may not.

If you see any glaring errors with light and/or shadow, please let me know. The text is particularly not-final, since the only program that can alter the kerning as needed lives on an old, packed away computer.

UPDATE: June 09, 2015

Got a great comment that the terrain resembled sand, and so I adjusted things a bit. (It is meant to be snow.)

UPDATE: June 12, 2015

Decided it was still reading a bit sandy-brown, thanks to the warm yellow of the setting sun rather than a less saturated, wintery one.

UPDATE: June 13, 2015

Got some comments about the hue and lightness (purple and dark).

Update: August 18, 2015

I caught sight of a very early version—what basically amounts to the photo I took long ago with a lot of white painted on to give it more snow than it actually had. But I liked the brightness of it, and remembered how much darker things tend to print. The already-murky image will come out even murkier on paper.



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