Crazy Trip™ 2010: Post 3 (Steampunk Gizmo p2)

NOTE: For the Photo Essay, click the link in the main header (above) or HERE.


All but the topmost gear move, driven by the winding rod or the large, central gear. The wheel on the bottom left (the spring mechanism) also moves.

I’m quite happy, especially considering I was learning as I went along. Next time—and I can promise there will be a next time–I’ll have a better idea how to hold the gears in position. In the original stopwatch set-up, they are held in place by two metal plates. Holes in the plates accept the pins which run through the center of the gears, allowing them to spin freely.

The loop at the top is where I think a chain will be attached, so the Gizmo can be worn like a pocket watch. I’ll need to sort out a way to secure it so it won’t bash around too much. (On my To Do List: Learn to Solder. Wrapping wires is kind of fun, and I like the look…but the ends aren’t all that secure. With soldering, they would be.)

Maybe next year, I’ll have a bunch of Gizmo-esque items to sell at the RWA Conference’s bazaar. Something bizarre for the bazaar. And a fun pastime, too.

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