Crazy Trip™ 2010: Post 2 (Steampunk Gizmo p. 1)

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Work in progress for “The Gathering” at the RWA National Conference. The theme this year is Steampunk, something which I know little about except that it seems much less depressing than Goth and less angry than Industrial.

I’ve been inclined to tinker with broken watches for years (though, admittedly, my tinkering stemmed from attempts to fix them), so it is with great enthusiasm I have set about dismantling a crappy, completely-beyond-hope stopwatch in order to make a gizmo in the Steampunk style. (Envision Victorian fashion sensibilities combined with technology not based on electricity but upon steam.)

Back in film school, I had a great time making props (a “puppetronic” hand out of balsa wood, springs, and wire; sci-fi jewelry and equipment out of scrap and discarded household items). It was what led me to computer animation, actually. I began attending Gnomon, School of Visual Effects in order to learn the “proper” ways to do these things…and all of my industry-employed teachers said “it’s all about computers nowadays and almost impossible to get a job making real things.”

It’s wonderful to have an excuse to play again.