The third book will be published, I promise. I very much regret how long it is taking to get that done…And, disappointingly, this post is to say that it will take even longer than expected (and already it is years past when I’d initially planned).

I am about to move almost all the way across the country. I do plan to dive fully into Book Three business after I’m resettled, which hopefully will not take too long.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Progress Report: Summer Edition (UPDATED)

  1. Life can get Complicated. (AND IT HAS DONE SO AGAIN)
  2. “Complicated” and “Write Book” don’t play well together. (BUT I KEEP AT IT)
  3. The guilt of not living up to one’s own expectations—and announced goals—is horrible and by no means helpful, especially when Complicated is being dealt with.
  4. Aside from taking many, many work hours to produce, a book that has any aspiration toward quality has some costs involved that, depending on circumstances, can be felt anywhere along the range from costly to downright expensive.
  5. It can be less than motivating during Complicated times to know that publication means immediate loss and only theoretical over-a-long-time break-even gain.
  6. I am trying. Maybe I’m not trying my best in terms of writing speed, but I am trying my best in terms of quality. (YEP. STILL AT IT.)
  7. I am trying to do better with both.
  8. The Vale of Silence will be available as soon as it can be made so.
  9. I am sorry for the wait…and I am hopeful it will not be much longer than another month or two (barring any more Complicated). (WITH THE ARRIVAL OF MORE “COMPLICATED,” THIS MIGHT BECOME DECEMBER OR MORE LIKELY JANUARY.)
  10. Thank you for your patience. (THANK YOU.)

Progress Report

Long time, no post—and no “coming soon” announcement…yet. Book 3 in The Wheel of the Year series is coming along, but won’t be available until later this spring (or possibly very early summer; even should everything go smoothly from here on out, there are some built-in delays in the publishing process itself).

So, this post is essentially a “I’m working on it, it’s coming” assurance. That now done, I will get back to work on Book 3: The Vale of Silence.

Oh—I will also mention that I put my Author Page into hibernation, if anyone was following me there and wondered where it/I went. There’s only so much social media one person can (should?) wrangle, and that one felt like an awkward mix of my private Facebook profile (since most of the page followers were already “Friends” on the other) and this blog.

Alright, back to work I go!



Book Cover: In Progress (part 2)



I’ve updated the initial post for the cover artwork for The Vale of Silence, but since that was something created over at the previous incarnation of this blog, I thought I’d give the latest front-and-back version of the cover a brand new post.

The printed versions always come out darker than expected, so I try to make the front artwork something that would be eye-catching even if it were 10-20% “muddier” than it appears onscreen. (I would be shocked if it printed lighter, but there’s always a first time for everything, so I try to be prepared for that, too.)

The back image is pretty much a “throwaway.” Something interesting but not distracting when laid beneath a ton of text. If no one can tell exactly what it is, that’s fine. I might bring out some of the details after the text is in—but not at the expense of meeting the (early 2016) publishing date.

As always with these things, please let me know of any glaring errors or artistic things gone awry (ie. if the impression is of sand dunes instead of snow, as happened early on). Thanks in advance.


Genre Musings (more to come) plus Chapter Excerpt: The Stone of Shadows


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I have in mind a blog post on the vagaries, necessities, and nuisances of “genre” in writing (or, more particularly, publishing)…but I also need to get a lot of work done on Book 3 today, so that post will have to wait.

But I’m excited to have this new blog location, so the temptation to post something is strong. I thought I’d pick a random paragraph or two from Book 1 (aka The Stone of Shadows; link also found in this site’s main header, above), and I opened the file to do just that—and realized I could tie the exerpt into that future post on genre.

One of the largest…let’s use the term “muddles”…I’ve had with this book series (in terms of publishing/marketing) is genre and whether to present it as a variety of romance—which, I’ll be honest, is the bulk of what I read. Contemporary fantasy, this series definitely is. But that’s such a broad category. There are elements of thriller, mystery, adventure, suspense, and without question, romance.

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Location Photos: Orkney


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A few old scans of photos taken on my long ago (Year 2000) trip to Orkney 

To those who have read The Stone of Shadows (or just Chapter One), the settings may seem familiar. To those who have not yet read it (or even just the first chapter), this is just a bit of what you’re missing:

Near St. Magnus Cathedral


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I am in the process of writing the third book in my series, The Wheel of the Year, and of moving (or at least trying out) my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It’s a design thing, mostly, plus one of interface and features.

It’s not like Blogger has been horrible. I’ve enjoyed it for many years of sporadic posts, and created several spaces for people there. But WordPress…it’s got a smoother feel overall (despite some frustrations in the “free” account and design areas). But with my Blogger blog, sometimes a font changes within a post—even when I highlight everything and click “default” and “normal.” Alignments can shift drastically between the preview version and the published, meaning the time I spent getting the image size to balance with the text and vice versa were wasted, and for no discernable reason at all. Maybe it’s something I’m doing, or a fault in the template(s) I uploaded, but what do I know? I’m a computer animator, a writer, a many things none of which involve html programming.

So, welcome to the new site! I will try to transfer things of interest from the old set-up (, but that may not be feasible. It, too, is free, so I don’t plan to take it down. I may even go back, depending!